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What is homeopathy?

Homeopathy belongs to the wide field of alternative medicine. It stands out from the crowd in its precision and depth effectiveness. It is a method of treatment that uses natural remedies and attaches great importance to finding out the cause of sickness. 

The holistic and even so individual medication is what is so special about homeopathy, because in homeopathic perception body, soul and mind form that unit human, which should not be separated in special subjects. Individuality, personality and genetic endowments are always taken seriously in this kind of treatment.

Homeopathic remedies activate the self-healing process, that stimulate the body even when serious chronic disease predominate/prevail.


More than 200 years ago the german doctor and chemist Samuel Hahnemann discovered, that plants or minerals can heal more effectively, if they are prepared in a special way (homeopathic potentiating). Since that time homeopathy proves its virtue in the whole world.

The homeopathic medicine is free from chemical or synthetic additions and animal testing. It is pharmaceutically checked and the highly diluted medicaments stem from the realm of nature: Minerals, animals and plants. It is well tolerated even by sensitive persons.

Homeopathy is one of the most gentle cure in the world, that is why oftentimes parents choose this method for treating their children.


Our international practice set a high value on „classic homeopathy“. Overdosage or wrong medication is avoided so that there arise no adverse reactions. We accompany always intensively, individual, holistic and focused on causes, in order that our patients can undergo long-lasting advancement relating to their health.

Gudrun Thielmann from AUDESAPERE practice owner and your therapist:

More than 30 years alternative therapist, healing expert in classic homeopathy, lecturer of seminars and training manager in Germany, Turkey and Slowenia.


Born 1953 in Germany, mother of 8 children.

Since 1988 she works as homeopath and tutorises Europe-wide. 

Since 1995 she spread the classic homeopathy in Turkey. 

She is a qualified member of BKHD (quality assurance from the alliance of classic homeopaths of Germany) and „Homöopathen ohne Grenzen“ (a voluntary union called „Homeopaths without limits“).

Her friendly, frank, open-minded and wise way makes her being a valued personality in homeopathic circle. You can join her seminars and presentations or hire or appoint her for your event.

Further information (german):


In what kind of diseases is homeopathy able to help?

Whether if you are affected by burnout or depression, if your child has fever or skin rash - our practice provides qualified and competent assistance via phone, Skype, e-mail or face-to-face.

Persons suffering due to headache or problems with concentrating, sleep disorder or because of skin diseases, like frequent pimples or neurodermatitis, know that conventional medicine rarely leads to a long-term improvement (in cases of chronic problems). Our patients often seem to be positively surprised how good classic homeopathy does its work in such hard cases of chronic illness as psoriasis, tinnitus or period pains.


Furthermore our treatment may be considered, when you (or your child) are afflicted with these following sicknesses or symptoms: 

Acne, eczema, teething discomfort, sick headache (migraine), inflammation of the middle ear (otitis media), menopause, listlessness, overstraining, depression, muscle pain, joint pain, cardiovascular disease, allergy and other…

In either acute cases we provide additional to doctor’s advice / medical care holistic assistance: 
Fever, injury, burn, bone fracture, muscle ache, gastrointestinal complains and much more.

More about our quotation AUDE SAPERE:

It is important to us to not only treat symptoms but to sensitize every human to its own body.

In our multilayered therapy meeting or consultation interviews patients receive many information about causes, effectiveness and functionality of the human body.

We could ascertain how the basics of (body) knowledge in all kinds of countries and cultures differ and also how decisive  body awareness is that factor for a healthy lifestyle.

Current informative homeopathic events:

Furthermore we offer for interested persons and health professionals continuous courses upgrading mothers, fathers, doctors and midwifes for developing a holistic grasp, making aware the impact of surrounding conditions and knowing how to practical applicate natural remedies. (At this time there is no English-speaking event)


This is why we name us AUDE SAPERE and we say:

dare to discover - be brave enough to know - do and detect



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